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Community Culture in a Nutshell

This is your community (yes, yours) so it's up to you to help make it great! Trust us, it feels good to be a part of it, like rescuing a thousand cats stuck in trees with one hand while helping seniors cross the street with the other – AT THE SAME TIME. Here are some pointers for all you Community members out there.

Let's Play Nice
  • We want everyone to have a good time here, so let's be polite and respectful to everyone, alrighty?
  • Recognize the good work other members are doing with a simple please and thank you. Everyone loves a good pat on the back, after all!
  • It's easy to misinterpret things online, so let's not assume bad intentions. Forgiving and forgetting go a long way.
  • If you spot something not so nice going on in the Community, do your part and let us know here.
Share That Know-How
  • Everyone has a little Einstein in them, so there's a good chance someone could use your knowledge, opinion or experience. Don't be shy to add to a discussion. Just make sure it's something that hasn't been posted before – duplicates make things a little harder to sift through.
Recognize A+ Work
  • See a great answer? Vote for it! After three votes a post is promoted, which pushes the answer to the top of the discussion, making it easier for other members to spot the best answer lickety-split.
  • Give people what they deserve. Recognizing great posts helps members get rewarded with extra points for being helpful.
  • The Community is live, baby! Although we can't guarantee the accuracy of every post, we do our best to keep an eye on things.
Be a Straight Shooter
  • Like mama always said, honesty is the best policy. Please don't misrepresent stuff, like your identity or credentials.
  • Don't be too shy to ask tough questions or reward the honesty of others. As long as you keep things respectful, everything should be sunshine and lollipops. Maybe even rainbows.
Keep Private Stuff Private
  • To avoid having to repost a question, keep personal info, like your phone number, birthday, home address and account number, to yourself. Some things are just meant to be private, you know?
  • Email account-related issues here instead of posting them on the Community to keep your info safe and private. Just make sure you log onto your Koodo Self Serve account when prompted so we can pull up your account details.
  • We do what we can to remove posts with private info. If you happen to see any being posted, please do your part and let us know here. It could help save someone a bunch of trouble!

Squeezing the Most out of the Community

There's a handful of ways you can contribute to and benefit from the Community. Read on for some great tips on everything from getting quick answers to gaining cred. They might just blow your mind...or at the very least, expand it slightly.

Asking Questions
  • Ask questions with as much accuracy and detail as possible. Remember to include a short summary of your issue, and if it's related to your phone, include its name and OS. That way, you're more likely to get the answer you're looking for!
  • Relevant and clear titles are key. It makes it way easier for others with the same question to find and you'll get a quicker answer. Woo hoo!
  • Include any relevant search results you've come across. The magic word is "relevant" – links to "Hedgehog Dubstep" and "Kitty Tries to Walk in Socks" won't really help.
  • Don't forget to select a product tag so that we can properly categorize your question for others to answer easily. Neat and tidy!
Answering Questions
  • Do your best to be clear and concise and stay on topic. If it helps, eat a balanced breakfast beforehand (just kidding...kind of).
  • Avoid duplicate answers to keep things clear and uncluttered for everyone. Avoid duplicate answers to keep things clear and uncluttered for everyone.
  • Don't guess. This isn't Jeopardy!, so there's no shame in not knowing the answer. Posting incorrect information makes things harder for others.
  • Play nice. If someone gets a tad nasty, feel free to leave a friendly reminder that we're all here to help each other. If it gets out of hand, you can let us know here.
  • We're sure you have an awe-inspiring sign-off, but please keep signatures out of your responses. Your username is clearly marked on every post.
Naughty Stuff (Reporting a No-No)
  • You're our eyes and ears! If you think a member isn't following the Community guidelines, let us know here.


Everyone deserves a second chance, but don't push it! To keep our Community amazing, we won't hesitate to remove a member if they're being a jerk and intentionally breaking the rules. Although we're pretty sure 99.9999999% of you aren't going to do that, you can let us know here if you do happen to see any no-nos.

Disrespectful or Hateful Comments
  • "You smell and your hair looks fat!" Well no, that's not true, but just proving a point – it doesn't feel too great to be talked to like that, right? That's why we have a zero-tolerance policy for attacks on other members. That includes attacks based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation or gender identity. We don't have to sing Kumbaya but, you know, just be cool.
Bullying, Trolling or Harassment
  • This is a place to give each other a hand, so harassment, bullying, impersonation, intimidation and abuse don't have a place here. Sarcasm is also a no-no, since it can be hurtful and doesn't help the Community. And no, we're not being sarcastic.
  • A disagreement isn't a good excuse for bad manners. It's okay to debate respectfully – let's work together to resolve conflict and understand each other. Helping make the Community better will make you feel all warm and fuzzy, trust us.
Bad Language
  • Let's keep the ****ing potty mouth out of it, including abbreviations or scrambled words (e.g., f*** you, fcuk).
  • High-quality answers make the Community more helpful, so don't post duplicate questions and answers, solicitations, off-topic posts and random gibberish. OUFJEIJOIJOFIGJHOFIHE!!! See, it doesn't help.
  • "Hey, c'mon. Play fair!" Remember that nagging voice of your childhood best friend when someone cheated? Well, it was for a good reason. Creating multiple accounts, spamming, posting duplicates or filler answers are forms of cheating the Community. Please don't do it. This Community is not about points or winning, so let's put helping each other at the top of the list.

Nitty Gritty

The Community is moderated by Koodo, and there are some guidelines all members need to stick to, including Mobile Masters, customers, Reps and employees.

Banning Members
  • Koodo reserves the right to ban any member for any reason.
  • Koodo reserves the right to delete and archive any posts.
  • Koodo reserves the right to remove the Community at any time.
  • Members with more than one account can be banned.
Anything Illegal
  • Posting anything that infringes on the law, copyrights or registered trademarks isn't allowed. The same goes for tricking people into sharing personal information.
  • Koodo is not responsible for the answers provided by Community members, including Mobile Masters, customers, Reps and employees.
  • Koodo reserves the right to withhold information.
  • Koodo reserves the right to share information with the authorities.
  • Koodo is not responsible for any personal information on the public Community page.
  • Koodo reserves the right to change and update the guidelines and rules in order to maintain the Community's effectiveness.
  • English and French are the official languages. Please only use these so the Community is best able to help and others can benefit from your post!
Moderator Decision-Making
  • Administrators have the final say on things, but if something you post gets removed, we'll share the reason with you.
  • Creating threads or posts that question or reference potential or past administrative decisions are not permitted. If you have a concern, you can let us know directly here instead of publicly on the Community.
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